Last Updated: September 22, 2020

Next Meeting

Wednesday, October 7 at 10:00 AM

Due to the need to limit physical proximity as the Coronavirus Pandemic takes its course, Probus Ottawa - Rideau Valley has suspended its physical monthly meetings until further notice. We are still active though and are doing our best to find ways to keep in touch with you. With that in mind we will continue to hold our monthly presentations using Zoom Conferencing. This month's presentation will feature

Meike Woehlert
Outreach and Communications Co-ordinator
Public Works and Environmental Services
City of Ottawa

who will speak to us about

The City of Ottawa's Waste Diversion Program

Meike Woehlert works with the City of Ottawa as an Outreach and Communications Coordinator for the Public Works and Environmental Services Department. She and her colleagues inform and educate the public on City programs in the areas of Solid Waste, Water, Parks, Forestry, Stormwater, Roads and Parking.

Meike's presentation will explain the different materials accepted in the City’s waste diversion programs collected in the green, blue and black bins and provide information related to; household hazardous waste and tips on how to minimize your household waste.

The presentation will include a short video explaining the process of the recycling material once it’s collected at the curb and brought to the recycling facility. The video will provide an overview of the process followed to dispose of the material once it has been sorted and processed.

Meike will also speak briefly on the City’s 30-year Solid Waste Master Plan that they will be undertaking and provide some details on future engagement opportunities for those interested.

In order to attend the presentation you will need to download Zoom to your Android, Apple or Windows device. You may attend on your phone, your tablet or your computer. In the next week or two you will be receiving an invitation to the meeting.  There will be a link in the invitation that will take you directly to the meeting. 
Further information about Zoom can be found in April Newsletter #3 available via the menu at the top of this page or by clicking on the following link. Newsletter April #3

You can download Zoom from the Zoom Download Site. Some useful tips for installing and using Zoom can be found here.

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